BODYPOWER 2018 - Meeting The #FITFAM ๐Ÿ’•

What. An Incredible. Weekend. I have been literally smiling since last weekend and feeling soooo happy. All of these quotes about surrounding yourself with a successful, similar minded people...I'm so full of new kind of energy and determination what comes to my fitness journey and feeling like a new person... I can't stop reflecting to the last weekend.

What is BodyPower?

"BodyPower 2018 is the biggest indoor fitness expo in the world. BodyPower is an action-packed, inspiring and motivational mix of the world’s biggest brands, athletes, live competitions, a comprehensive feature programme (with talks from the world’s finest athletes, trainers & coaches), and a visitor experience that always leaves people wanting more."

I've been supposed to go to BodyPower for the past 2 years and I have been feeling a major fomo whilst watching my fitness people going there through the social media during the previous years. For the really last minute I thought that I couldn&#…

Have I Become A Pussy?

Now when I have developed my ability to catch choreos even in my "motivational classes" more quicker, I have started to pay more attention to performing. When I was younger, I really loved that aspect of dance - performing. I loved to do choreos that were funny and playful. During the weekend I had a chance to perform, and I realized how much I was holding myself back.

It sucks about adulthood - you become too consumed to think how you look like and what other people think of you. I know we all have our own insecurities, but I cannot lie that I was surprised  to hear how even the most professional dancers were saying how afraid they are to freestyle as they are afraid of what other people might think. I myself have become (unfortunately) also too observant towards other people and comparing myself to others people's achievements. I'm not completely happy how I'm performng atm, as I know I'm holding myself back and there are so much more I am capable of doing.


It's night and time to go to bed. My meditation has been going pretty well and despite a few vivid nightmares, my days have been so great that I decided stick with my new meditation routine. I put my headphones in, and start the guided meditation that is supposed to last the whole night so you can sleep meanwhile...little did I know this night would turn into an actual NIGHTMARE.

I believe in the power of a mindset, so I think I am spiritual person in that sense. When I was choosing my guided meditations from YouTube, there was a few criterias: firstly, the sound of the speaker needed to be pleasant. Not too creepy, old pervert or not too pitchy woman that reminded me of my school teachers when I was a kid. Also, I didn't want to listen a person with a strong accent, as I already have one myself :D. Secondly, I looked at the views and likes of the video. I thought that the more popular the taping is, the most likely it's going to help. Lastly, the juiciest part: the commen…