There Is No Tomorrow...

Aurinko kimaltelee merenpinnasta ja taivas on turkoosin sininen. Aallot keinuttavat eteenpain, ja alla loistaa korallien muodostama ihana variviidakko. Olemme perheen kanssa lomalla Egyptissa. Ollaan lahdetty ruotsalaispoppoon kanssa sukellusretkelle. Meren virta voimistuu, ja yhtakkia olemme aitini ja sukellusohjaajan kanssa jaaneet kauas jalkeen laivasta seka muusta seurueeesta. Laivan siluetti muuttuu pieneksi pisteeksi horisontissa. 

Yhtakkia idyllinen lomamatka alkaa muuttua painajaismaiseksi. Sukellusohjaaja on ehka jalkani pituinen hento mies, joten isossa aallokossa tuntui lahinna etta olisi pitanyt kiinni pajunvarresta. Alla alkaa nakya tiikerihaita. "Ui!" aiti sanoi, ja mina karjun: "Uin koko ajan" ja niin uinkin - joka lihaksellani, mutta siita huolimatta virta oli niin voimakas, etta vaikka kuinka kauhoin eteenpain, niin pysyin vaan samassa kohdassa. Loppujen lopuksi paasimme, kuin paasimmekin laivaan - en kylla viela tiedakaan tana paivana, etta mi…

A Week Full Of Carbs

The basic of the dieting is quite straight-forward: you eat less than you consume. For all of my adult life the only way to lose weight for me has been restricting and being really disciplined and isolated. Getting definition and changing your physique differs from losing weight, and the importance of the right kind of nutrition comes into a play.

Lately my focus has been is on feeling good instead of losing the weight. I'm still planning to do a little cut closer to summer (read: diet decision), but at this point of my life I can't commit to weight-loss 100%. I try to make a good decisions by choosing nutritious food, but if I have a craving, I'll have it so it doesn't build up. The good thing about being so obsessed about my weight for these past years is that by this point I know my body (and myself) pretty well - as I have tried different things and approaches throughout the years, I know what works for me. Personally  the best way not to have the urge of eating so…

How To Achieve A Good Work-Life Balance?

Maintaining a work-life can be challenging in today's society, especially if you are an ambitious workaholic like me. When you do what you love, it might be hard to separate your freetime from your work. And even if you would do that only for that coin...

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I have had always troubles to have my work-life in balance. I have been determined to turn my dreams into a reality in my 20s, and I have adopted always a mindset that after my career is sorted out, I will have time to focus on my other aspects of life too. Well, I wasn't blessed with the most easiest dream and when I hit 25 I started to feel quite drained. I was in a job that allowed me hardly make a living from day to day, but when I came after 12 hour day to an empty home it opened my eyes: do I really want to have only work in my life and keep coming to an empty home for the rest of my life? I needed to accept that ther comes probably never a moment in life when you feel "ready", it's up to …

The Recovery & Rest Day ABC

It might be hard to dedicate a proper recovery day once you have got that fitness-thing going on.  And the other challenge comes when you have the rest day and you will need to make sure, that the day doesn't turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months into years and now we are again in the square 1...

There are two types of challenges I've faced during my recovery days: either I end up eating way too much (I mean, I have that time out of gym to eat) or then one recovery day turns into a week, and it feels harder to get back to the routine. However, recovering is as important factor as going to the gym, as your muscles grow in rest.

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What you can do during your recovering days without sabotaging your fitness journey?

1. Sleep
Wow, I suffer with bad sleeping problems so being able to sleep is like gift from God for me. During the past week I've being able to sleep surprisingly well, and I can see how my body needed that! Not only for fitness, but I …

(Diet) Decision.

Can't believe it has been an over a year when I did my first InBody-measurements. Back then I was determined to start my bikini fitness prep during the summer, but unfortunately my life became so unpredictable that it was unideal moment to start something so challenging at that point.

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I ended up spending the whole year of 2017 without intentional dieting (actually it was my first year as an adult, when I haven't been on a diet) yet still, I don't have a triple chin & massive amounts of weight. Actually I lost quite a lot of weight during the summer due the stress I was experiencing in my life. The first time ever I really lose my appetite, haha! Anyways, I kept training and I feel that my approach to food is nowadays so much better than before. When I stopped obsessing over the food too much, I also stopped thinking about it 24/7 which left energy to focus on other things.
Now if I'm thinking about competing, I'm not sure anymore. I talked…

Not Earning Enough Money? This Is How Your Attitude Can Affect On Your Income

I came across to an intresting article from the Business Insider, that suggested how your attitude can actually effect on your level of incomes. We have seen now that positive attitude alone won't make the money flow in from the windows and doors - you need a bit more business-savviness in order that to happen - but still maintaining a positive attitude can increse your chances actually to achieve that financial freedom!

The survey that was made at the Institute of Sociology and Social Physchology, The University of Cologne Germany was collected from 14 different countries from thousands of people, revealed that cynical people actually made less money than their more positive colleguages. People who were more positive towards their careers and opportunities could see their monthly income increasing by about 300 dollars between 2003 and 2012* compared to the more cynical people who couldn't see any significant increase in their monthly income. The data was collected by asking v…